People Who Bike

Since working at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, I’ve had the opportunity to conduct and post some interviews with some incredible people who are biking. Here are a few!

Olympian Evelyn Stevens


Evelyn Stevens hopped on a bike in 2008 for the first time since she was a kid. Soon after, she quit her job in the New York finance world, dedicated herself to racing bikes, and found herself competing in the London Olympics just four years later. Now a World Champion and one of the greatest professional female cyclists in the world, she is also living and biking in San Francisco. Stevens, like many local road racers, is also a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. We sat down with her to hear more about what she thinks about biking in San Francisco, and why supporting bicycle advocacy and 8 to 80 bikeways is important — even if you’re a pro rider. Read the interview here.

SF to Google Ride Organizer, Peter Colijn


Peter Colijn is a long-time SF Bicycle Coalition member and Software Engineer at Google who commutes regularly from San Francisco to the south bay. He’s also one of the organizers of the SF2G group rides, a loosely organized and tightly knit group of cyclists in the Bay area that commutes 20-50 miles every week from San Francisco down the Peninsula to Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and all parts in-between. Read the interview with him here.

 San Francisco’s Bike Commuter of the Year, Bao-Tran Ausman


More and more parents are biking with their kids in San Francisco. Thanks to more protected bikeways, expanding Safe Routes to School program and more and more electric-assisted bicycles, it’s easier than ever for families to “get rolling.”
BaoTran Ausman is one of the parents you see pedaling with her kids. She carries her two children on the back of her Surly Big Dummy all over town, routinely picking up her daughters, 8-year-old Ava and 5-year-old Alexandra from school and taking them to events around the city. Read the interview here.

 Revolight’s Chief Marketing Officer, Drew Ocon

drew revolights

Bicycling is booming in San Francisco. From the increase in ridership (96% since 2006) to the influx of new bike shops (three new ones on Market Street alone) to the plethora of bike startups launching from our City by the Bay, one thing is clear: San Francisco loves biking.
We sat down to talk with one of these new bike startups, Revolights, about the tie-in between new bike companies and bicycle advocacy. Here’s what San Francisco native and Revolights’ Chief Marketing Officer, Drew Ocon, had to say about the combo. Read the interview here.

Bangladeshi Bicycle Advocate, Muhammad Imran

Muhammad Imran

Muhammad Imran is a bicycle advocate in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a city with some of the most chaotic streets in the world. As part of Cyclists for Cultural Exchange, Imran came to San Francisco to explore the city’s bike infrastructure and culture. We caught up with him on his visit to find out how biking in SF compares to Dhaka and what it’s like to try and carve out bike space in such hectic streets. Read what he has to say here.

SF’s Bike to Worship Innovator, Alyson Jacks


Reverend Alyson Jacks is the person who came up with the idea for Bike to Worship Week, an an interfaith community event led by SF Bicycle Coalition member-volunteers of all different faiths in partnership with the San Francisco Interfaith Council. Jacks is the Minister of Family Life at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Francisco, and has been a member of the SF Bicycle Coalition since 1990s.
From May 25-June 1, 2014 various congregations raised visibility of biking to worship (and elsewhere!) while making our communities safer and more pleasant places to live. We spoke with Alyson Jacks during the big event.

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