Gameplans & Aspirations

There’s an incredible list
of what can be made possible
by bicycle.

I am an aspiring beat journalist and informal ethnographer of bicycles.  My overarching goal is to collect stories of bicycle innovations and eccentricities to present through various forms of digital media. Through blogs, video, photo, animation, and infographics, I want to document and bring to life the shifting bike culture in America and across the world.

No time like the near future! It’s an increasingly exciting time to do it because bicycle advocacy and (consequently) bikeability is increasing all over the country and around the world. Beyond that, people are conducing all kinds of interesting and innovative projects around bikes.

Let’s Talk…
Empowerment through Mobility
Poverty Alleviation
Access to Education
Disaster Relief
Health Care
Exercise and Rehabilitation
Exploration & Discovery
Innovative Technology
Coffee & Corn Grinding
Unicycle Hockey

…etc etc.

For more about Ellie, check out her personal online portfolio.

How This Idea Started:
I’ve become excited to explore the US by bicycle for several reasons. One seed germinated when I took my first bike ride on the Capital Crescent trail that heads out from the Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, DC. It blew my mind that I could ride through wilderness yet be so close to the city. Before that, I had been completely ignorant to the extensive amount (and quality) of nature so close to—and practically interspersed throughout—our concrete jungle. Washington DC contains so much more than politics.

This first bicycle ride through the trees and along the Potomac River opened me up to the potential for exploration in the area. Fall leaves rained around me as I meandered along the path, and I was just beginning to realize the potential and possibility for further exploration. Starting then and continuing now, the bicycle became my mode of discovery.

The other seed began to grow during my international explorations. Travel in other countries have inspired me to explore my own country further.  And in the words of Simon and Garfunkel, I dream of going “off to look for America” in a manner that practically forces me to take the time to see it. There’s so much fascination in exploring the foreign and the ‘exotic’ that it’s sometimes easy to think of one’s own back yard as mundane. To lose fascination with our own surroundings is a travesty and a tragedy. That’s why I like to say one of my goals is to familiarize the exotic and exotify the familiar. I search for poetry in the otherwise mundane.


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